Wardrobe Malfunctions

woman looking at clothes and crying

Emergency!  I have had a wardrobe malfunction.  Have you every thought about how it happens?  Fundamentally we don't know how to shop.  When it comes to clothes most of our shopping is done with very little thought and without a plan.  Yes it is good to be spontaneous but wardrobe full of spontaneous buys would be a headache for even the top stylists.

Do you recall being on holiday in a far flung place, the sun shining as you wander the streets taking it all in.  Thats often when the colourful slides and green elephant print harem pants seem like a great idea.  To return home and never see the light of day but kept for a one day.  I know I have done it.  Simplest way to overcome this is to pause and think about what you like about it. 

The colour, does it go with your favourite colours? 

The shape does it make the most of your favourite features?

If the answers yes to one of these it stands half a chance.

It's easily done.  When we would go for inspiration trips for design often we would fall into some type of group delusion and think that yes those green elephant print harem pants would be the next best thing but remove the context, the climate and think about the day to day commute maybe dinner out - will they really translate?

Then there is the 'change your whole look for an occasion' this can often be more than the clothing but the haircut and makeup.  My personal terror it getting a blow dry for an occasion and they make it so not me.   I have actually gone home and washed my hair and redone it.  I digress back to dressing.  Often it's an occasion that calls for us to dress outside our comfort zone.    This leads to us buying something outside of our comfort zone.  Often we can ruin the occasion by simply not feeling comfortable in what we are wearing.  Again when making the purchase pause.

Think about what you can wear it with that you already have?

The shape and colour does it make the most of your favourite features?

Again if you can answer yes to one of these it's  go half a chance.

In summary and breaking it down, quite simply, it's thinking about identifying what our style is and accepting that evolves.

Take the style quiz if you are not sure

Appreciating our body shape, and looking at it from a place of positivity and wanting to highlight our best assets.

Check out the body shape guide - it works

Then having our wardrobe essentials so you have the pieces you love and cherish and want to wear, again, and again, especially now more than ever when we're looking at being more ethically responsible in our shopping. 

We should love every piece in our wardrobe.

We dress to express ourselves to reveal our inner best selves or put ourselves in a better mood.  Tapping in to this when we shop sets us up to make dressing a joy. 




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