Create your capsule collection

Create your capsule collection

On a recent trip to New York I packed  For unpredictable weather Styles which could be layered Pieces I could wear from sunrise to sundown Nothing needed to be ironed Comfort being key All of...
A day without learning is…

A day without learning is…

Growth & change.  How can we grow if we don’t change?  The key to change the scenery of your life is to physically move through it.  - Keep going!    
What can I do differently today?

What can I do differently today?

Take a step back to manifest all you want in your life. Time to create a little more space to bring awareness to all that you love in your life. On opportunity to reawaken your...
vintage sari for style neem wrap dress


What has changed?  Nothing, except my plans ‘todays problem is tomorrow’s gift’.  How to embrace being in the the power of the present.  Finding joy in everyday distractions.  Avoid spiralling into overwhelm when plans unravel....
blossom in the sunset at crouch end

What makes your heart sing?

Spring is here - welcome it with love and joy.  Flowers, poetry and a chance to press pause and reflect on the first quarter of the year and set intentions for the months to come....
silver and gold baubles

What is alive for you today?

What do you do to feel alive?  Go on think about it.  When was the last time you felt alive.  We spend so much time on auto pilot we easily overlook that life should be...
sparkler heart

It all comes back to love

Make someone’s days - go on.  Read on to find out more….  
image saying focus on the good

Focus on the Good

We're all just walking each other home Is a quote by Ram Dass which in all the uncertainty around me has brought me peace. I always look for the silver lining (you know I love...
glitter saying you are made of magic

Taking inspiration from the sun

Inspired action