Create your capsule collection

Create your capsule collection

I don’t know about you but at this time of year it can be a struggle with what to wear.  The temperature fluctuates from day to day & the afternoon can be a very different story to the morning.  Even though you have a wardrobe full of clothes it can fell like you have nothing to wear.  Who needs to add to the stress of an already busy morning second guessing what to wear.  


Don’t despair.  


Help is to hand.  

Try this fun wardrobe hack which won’t take much time but save you loads.  You will also see your wardrobe in a whole new light.

Imagine you are going on a 4 day city break

You take a carry on - who wants to waste time waiting for a bag or worse still the airline loses it.

The weather is unpredictable

Styles which can be layered

You need pieces that will see you through from sunrise to sunset

Comfort is key

Anything that needs to be ironed is not coming as it is highly likely it won’t get worn.

All of this comes from your existing wardrobe.

Take a look and with this in mind start to ‘pack’

What have you got?

All of you favorites of course.  

You will be pleasantly surprised to see you have the makings of a capsule collection.  

Well done!

You will find you have something along the lines of this

  • jacket
  • knitwear to layer
  • 2 bottoms (skirt and or trouser)
  • 2/3 dresses
  • 3/4 tops


Take a further look.  Have you duplicated anything for example - 2 pairs of jeans or 2 tops which are pretty similar.  How do the colors sit together?  If it looks a bit samey have a couple of your favorites ready to swap out.  



Now for accessories and shoes. Swap out a shoe/trainer/boot to completely change a look.  A belt and scarf also add a whole new look.  Often you can use a scarf as a belt & they take up next to no space.   I have a mantra metallics are a neutral and what better way to add some shine and turn the fine into fabulous but the addition of metallics  


There it is you are ready for anything.

This will see you through for at least a week if not 2.

Have you heard of the 2 week rule?  Now I do advocate when it comes to dressing there are no rules, this is a ‘rule of thumb’.  

Aim for your wardrobe to be on a 2 week rotation.  It will make it appear limitless.  Apparently this is to do with how we remember things.  

Go on give it a try.

Every time you go to get dressed you will be reminded of your virtual city break - such an amazing time:)


If you would like more why to try the step by step style guide which takes you through simple doable steps to love every pieces in your wardrobe. Making dressing a pleasure and a joy.


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