rebecca wearing ausus in sunset camo

The secret to everyday dress success with eluroom

Seasons change, dresses remain at any time of the year.  With it so many pluses.  What ever the occasion, desk to dinner and beyond, a dress has your covered. How to find the the perfect...
Rebecca in style Ausus in gold layered with style neem in celestial pink

Celebrate all that is you

So here we are as we draw or is it more like scream to the end of another year. Let's pat ourselves on the back.  We have made it - nearly.  Who could make this shit...
Create your capsule collection

Create your capsule collection

On a recent trip to New York I packed  For unpredictable weather Styles which could be layered Pieces I could wear from sunrise to sundown Nothing needed to be ironed Comfort being key All of...
Do you dare to dream?

Do you dare to dream?

How often have you heard the saying ‘dreams can come true’ or follow your dream’s’ but what are we actually doing to make them happen? When was the last time you acted on one?  
What can I do differently today?

What can I do differently today?

Take a step back to manifest all you want in your life. Time to create a little more space to bring awareness to all that you love in your life. On opportunity to reawaken your...
orange rose bouquet

Be the woman

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK.  While I am not a fan of hall mark holidays it got me thinking about creation, nurturing and kindness. About being the woman I needed as a girl.
woman in gold ausus at alexandra palace

Party Season Ready?

The only dress you will need this party season and how to style it  
neon sign believe in yourself

Finding your glow

The real glow up is internal - how to distract yourself from yourself and radiate joy.
Luna wearing ausus in super pink

Ways of wearing

When is a dress more than just a dress.......