Celebrate all that is you

Rebecca in style Ausus in gold layered with style neem in celestial pink

So here we are awe draw or is it more like scream to the end of another year. Let's pat ourselves on the back.  We have made it - nearly.  Who could make this shit up?! I want to pause for a second with you.

Take the time to celebrate the abundance in your life the beautiful soul that you are.

I am an advocate of effortless style and mindset.  Its why I started Eluroom.  If I can share one thing that brand ease to your day it brings me so much joy.  

Here are my top tips for you to fill your glass and enjoy.  

Did you know the first 20 minutes of the day sets the bar for the next 20 hours, essentially the rest of your day.

With this in mind how do you start yours?

All too often more so at this time of year we start the day with the to do list whirring as we try and cram another level of workload into an already full day. All with the aim of having the best ever……I will let you fill in the blanks.  Why do we do this?

I was reading an interview with a tennis player and he shared his his secret for success.  Going on to the court with the intention of having fun.  Reminding himself of what he loves about the game, going out and enjoying it.

This can be applied to how your start your day.  If you have plans what do you love about what you are doing or who you are spending time with?

On waking say good morning to yourself.  How often do you do that?  As the to do list kicks in remind yourself of why you are doing it and what you love about it. 

Perhaps it’s a beautiful memory, a tradition you love and the people you share it with.  Something that makes your heart fill full or your face ache from smiling and laughing so much.  Just thinking about it raises your vibe.  

Get moving. My top tip to boost your mood pick you favourite song and dance.

You can do this at any time and anywhere no matter what the weather is.

Dance like no one is watching.

Start of the day

Step out of the room when you need some space

A little boost before …. 

If you would like more why not try this mini course to help you power through a day.

How we dress our mood and mindset are interwoven, when we feel good in what we are wearing, we simply ooze inner confidence and that’s magnetic.   

whether you are going out or staying in.  Create a  ritual of getting dressed to do it.  A little sparkle and shine never goes astray.  Celebrate the joy of dressing.

You can’t go wrong with an eluroom dress.    Eluroom dresses are based on iconic vintage shapes to create effortless elegance.

An eluroom dress is destined become a wardrobe staple, simple easy chic and It’s a dress you will automatically pick out if your wardrobe because it makes you look and feel beautiful.

 Here are a few ways you can dress and eluroom dress up or down with wardrobe staples.


Ausus vintage silk sari maxi dress in gold dress down with a quilted jacket, acne shopper and McQueen trainers 

Ausus gold vintage silk sari midaxi dress acne quilted jacket, McQueen trainers 


Neem vintage silk sari wrap dress teamed with silk slip by acne Dior sling back shoes and vintage tiger print coat.
 Neem celestial gold vintage silk sari wrap dress with vintage bag, coat and shoes

Neem vintage silk sari wrap dress with khaki army jacket, gold cowboys boots from Oliver Bonas and your favourite jeans.

Neem celestial gold vintage silk sari wrap dress outfit

Ausus vintage silk sari maxi dress in gold dressed up with leopard print coat, velvet bag and red heels, all vintage

Ausus gold vintage midaxi dress

How will you style yours?  

Remember there are no rules if you like it wear it.  

So you have your style sorted.  Next step..... the image the phoe the post the story ......


Your face.  Lets be real it's what we all look at first.  I have not grown up in world where the the photo face is natural.

Top tip instead of saying cheese say 




Game changer from Bowie to me to you. 


Peace love joy and plenty of sex and champage. 


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