Favourite things

Favourite things

I want to pause for a second with you.

I think for a lot of us, the year’s end can bring a lot of pressure from two directions.

The pressure to tie up your loose ends and finish the book reading list and clean the whole house and tick off everything from THIS year’s to-do list before you head into the next one…

And the pressure from the approaching new year to wake up on January 1st with a brand new attitude, fresh perspective, and a list of goals for the year that you dig into right away and unfailingly stick with.

So, let’s pause here and release that weight on yourself.

Let go of the pressure to get it perfectly right.

To have immediate clarity on your vision for next year.

To make this month the ‘best month ever’ or to catch up and wrap up every loose end.

Instead, think about what kind of month you want December to be.

A great place to start is by asking yourself what are your favourite things? 

Or put another way what can you do so you feel you are bursting with joy rather than bursting with dread.


Is it more rest? More space?

Do you need to step back from the busy so you can be fully present with your loved ones?

Is this the time to get dressed up and…...?

Or maybe you want time to just reflect on how you’ve grown THIS year?

I wouldn’t dare write that script for you. I just want to point you back to the fact that the pen is in your hand. 

You choose how you end your year and start anew.

And my recommendation?

Give yourself permission to be kind to yourself and do what you love.  

You can try this short meditation to help bring you into the body.  Tap into its wisdom.  We spend so much time in our head with to do lists and playing out scenarios which might never happen.

Take a few minutes or a few hours and  be with yourself.

Ask yourself questions!  And listen to your heart.

Whatever you do I hope it makes your heart sing it’s a time to celebrate the beautiful soul you are.


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