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Celebrate all that is you

So here we are as we draw or is it more like scream to the end of another year. Let's pat ourselves on the back.  We have made it - nearly.  Who could make this shit...
Favourite things

Favourite things

Do you get to December and feel a level of panic?  Firstly where has the year gone, secondly I still have so much ‘to do’. Don’t should yourself.  December is a time of celebration.  Take...
A day without learning is…

A day without learning is…

Growth & change.  How can we grow if we don’t change?  The key to change the scenery of your life is to physically move through it.  - Keep going!    
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What makes your heart sing?

Spring is here - welcome it with love and joy.  Flowers, poetry and a chance to press pause and reflect on the first quarter of the year and set intentions for the months to come....
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Be the woman

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK.  While I am not a fan of hall mark holidays it got me thinking about creation, nurturing and kindness. About being the woman I needed as a girl.
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It all comes back to love

Make someone’s days - go on.  Read on to find out more….  
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The Art of Allowing

  Eluroom means joy of life in Estonian.  I don’t know about you but sometimes joy feels like a pretty lofty ambition.  Why not aim for acceptance.  Allowing ourselves to be human and accepting where...
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Are you ready?

Clothes have the power to transform how we feel about ourselves.   You know yourself when you put on a dress that makes you feel unstoppable💫   You have got this!  
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Finding your glow

The real glow up is internal - how to distract yourself from yourself and radiate joy.