Conscious Mission

Our mission at Eluroom is to bring JOY through our clothes and mindset tips.

 We truly believe your mood and mindset are interwoven through how you dress.

In order to sustain our planet, eluroom is committed to sourcing and production as responsibly as possible.  Foremost creating a collection of dresses, which become wardrobe favourites, and you will wear time and time again, quality over quantity!

Materials & Production

Textile production is the second most polluting industry. At eluroom we use.

Dead stock, which are fabrics that have been overproduced by the mills, often commissioned and left over from big brands or left as stock for suppliers. If unused, these rolls end up stagnating in warehouses and, eventually, in landfills. All the processes which go into creating fabric rolls – growing, dyeing, weaving to finishing – uses energy and water, so by using existing fabric we don’t need to repeat those processes again and eliminate waste from landfill.

Fabrics are sustainably sourced: Using eco friendly polyester and viscose. 

Predominately from Italy where there are stringent guidelines in place for not only the manufacture but dying and printing processes.  

All the time continuing to keep an eye out for more sustainable options.

Working with  local manufacturers and suppliers, from pattern making and trims to production to reduce the carbon footprint and support the local economy.

Garment prices reflect the quality of fabrics and British made production costs. 

Prices are not overly inflated to reduce drastically. 

Our makers are paid a fair wage, meaning that here in London they are paid at least a London living wage.


We post and package each piece ourselves, taking time to ensure each piece is received with love.

Single use packaging is minimised with no plastic or swing tickets.

 Each garment comes in a reusable shopping bag. 

The shipping box is made from recycled material and is recyclable.

Certifications for suppliers
Certificates for suppliers

Our Story, Our Promise

The certifications for our suppliers