The Art of Allowing

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I heard a lovely story the other day and I wanted to share.   When we walk through the woods immersing ourselves in the  surroundings we take everything for what it is, absorbing the colours, shapes & sounds. We don’t look at every tree and go that’s a fat tree, that’s a skinny tree and that’s a crooked tree.  Yet why do we do this with people?  To ourselves even.  Why are we so good at judging?  We give each other stories which are based on our own story and experience.  

When you stand back and observe your thoughts what voice do they have?

Your mothers, your fathers, a teachers or a boss?

How do they become our story?  

There are a number of theories but a common one is socialisation. From a very young age we are made to feel bad for the innate part of us does not conform with societies expectations.  It forms the judge inside us, we all have one.  For me I search out situations and people to validate the negative judgments I make about myself.  It makes for the merry dance of the mean girl who bullies the anxious over pleaser into action.  My only worth coming from external validation.

I hold onto thoughts, hold onto stories which is where the judgment comes in to play.  

I  aspire to be better person but,  I cannot be more than who I am right now.

This is where I allow myself to be human.  

By accepting and appreciating all parts of me.  

So rather that holding a magnifying glass to the negative judgments I make about myself I choose to refocus it.  To magnify  all of myself and why not shine a light on the good parts while I am at it.  Replace the old thoughts and stories with new ones as they no longer serve me.  

Acceptance and appreciation of who I am  and the unfolding of my story - allowing myself to be a human being.  Acknowledging the fullness, the wholeness of myself  The good the bad and the ugly.  Gives me perspective to move forward and take inspired action.

So rather than ask myself what can I do today I ask who can I BE.

How do I get to be this?  Well it's daily practice.  Nothing taxing not hours of meditation or yoga rather things that can be done in minutes.  Waking and consciously taking a breathe and setting and intention.  Even writing it down.  I like to move, yoga, walking moving to 'clear my head'. 

All of this I have curated into REAWAKEN JOY

In this mini course, there will be bite- sized prompts and mediations to get you where you want to be.

Look at yourself as a witness rather than a judge then you get to appreciate your uniqueness, its your power. 




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