Celebrate all that is you

So here we are as we draw or is it more like scream to the end of another year. Let's pat ourselves on the back.  We have made it - nearly.  Who could make this shit...

Dress to impress

Dress to impress - yourself.  If it is worth getting out of bed for its worth making the best of yourself.  How to get your wardrobe working from desk to dinner 7 days a week.

Dreams into reality

When a dream becomes a reality - the story behind the new eluroom dress collection.  Made from vintage silk sari’s for effortless chic.  Gone are the days of having nothing to wear.

Colour posses a language without words

They say a picture speaks a thousand words.  For me colour is a whole language of its own.  Dressing is one of the most fun ways to explore colour expression and new colour combinations.  Here...

First in Best Dressed

How we shop has change - gone of the days of being first in best dressed.  Or has it?  

Imagine if

Most people deem themselves as not being creative.  The simple fact of getting dressed everyday disproves this. Creativity is one of life’s purest pleasures.  For me creativity is total escapism, from myself, and all that is...

Searching for Inspiration?

Searching for Inspirition?  Well look no further. I must admit January has not got off to a flying start for me.  Why?  Targets I set myself had not been achieved.   I have been holding...

Are you ready?

Clothes have the power to transform how we feel about ourselves.   You know yourself when you put on a dress that makes you feel unstoppable💫   You have got this!

Party Season Ready?

The only dress you will need this party season and how to style it