Colour posses a language without words

Colour posses a language without words

One of my favourite things about dressing is the chance to explore and express myself with colours.  


For me colour posses a language without words.


How you dress your mood and mindset are interwoven.  Colour is the ideal way to reflect a mood & boost a mood.  Be your own ray of sunshine on a gloomy day.

I have a cache of favourite colours - METALLICS!

Of course along with that by base colours tend to revolved around inky navy, teal, nearly black greys & khaki then flip across various shades depending on my mood, more so than a season.

I am drawn to colours and colour combinations from many sources.  


Have you had an unexplainable attraction to a colour? 


I have and do

There is a whole psychology on colour and how we are attracted to colours and the moods, thoughts or memories they provoke.

Some colours such as orange - which is the colour of joy.  Remind me of an aperol spritz and happy memories of sunshiny days.

Blue's especially teal makes me think of the dreamy sea.

Some times the lustre in a fabric will bring a colour to life.

Other timed it could be a landscape or picture not anything to do with clothing.  These for me are the best 'finds' so to speak.

One of the new print colours in the dress collection is dance fever camo.  Why the name?  When I look at the colours it makes me do a little dance on the inside.

Here I share the inspiration behind the colours I used. 


 I love chalky pastels as they are so flattering to - well I can't think of a complexion they don't suit.  With pops of hot pink and orange so much fun can be had with which colour your accentuate.  So many ways to create different looks.

Here are some ways you can style Sara & Vaata in dance fever camo

I quite like it teamed up with denim - layered with a denim jacket or you could layer with denim jeans.

style sara in sunset camo style with denim


Another option is white making the colours pop.

style sara styles with white blazer and metallics


For something more grounding you could wear with khaki

style sara styled with khakis military jacket

Think pink with some fabulous palazzo pants

style sara or vaata teamed with pink palazzo pants

Isn't that what dressing is all about?


All of these looks are created with wardrobe essentials.  Go on have some fun creating some looks of your own.


I would love to see them so jump into my dm's or email me.





















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