Create your capsule collection

Create your capsule collection

On a recent trip to New York I packed  For unpredictable weather Styles which could be layered Pieces I could wear from sunrise to sundown Nothing needed to be ironed Comfort being key All of...
Enjoy the journey

Enjoy the journey

Life is a journey - how often have you heard that? I don’t know about you but in the day to day I very easily forget this along with the fact it’s a journey to...
Dreams into reality

Dreams into reality

When a dream becomes a reality - the story behind the new eluroom dress collection.  Made from vintage silk sari’s for effortless chic.  Gone are the days of having nothing to wear.
First in Best Dressed

First in Best Dressed

How we shop has change - gone of the days of being first in best dressed.  Or has it?  
glitter tights and high heels in the air

Imagine if

Most people deem themselves as not being creative.  The simple fact of getting dressed everyday disproves this. Creativity is one of life’s purest pleasures.  For me creativity is total escapism, from myself, and all that is...
blossom in the sunset at crouch end

What makes your heart sing? - Springing Forward with Joy and Intention

Spring is here - welcome it with love and joy.  Flowers, poetry and a chance to press pause and reflect on the first quarter of the year and set intentions for the months to come....
orange rose bouquet

Be the woman

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK.  While I am not a fan of hall mark holidays it got me thinking about creation, nurturing and kindness. About being the woman I needed as a girl.
sparkler heart

It all comes back to love - The Power of Connection: A Meditation on Love and Appreciation

The Power of Connection: A Meditation on Love and Appreciation  I celebrate the beauty of human connection and the importance of cherishing the people in our lives. It concludes with a guided meditation to cultivate...
red lightening bolt

The Art of Allowing - The Judgment Free Zone: Embracing Yourself and Others

  Eluroom means joy of life in Estonian.  I don’t know about you but sometimes joy feels like a pretty lofty ambition.  Why not aim for acceptance.  Allowing ourselves to be human and accepting where...