Dare to Day Dream

Dare to Day Dream

“I believe in kindness. Also in mischief. Also in singing, especially when singing is not necessarily prescribed.” I love this quote by Mary Oliver   As the calendar officially flips the energy is high with...
Favourite things

Favourite things

Do you get to December and feel a level of panic?  Firstly where has the year gone, secondly I still have so much ‘to do’. Don’t should yourself.  December is a time of celebration.  Take...
Do you dare to dream?

Do you dare to dream?

How often have you heard the saying ‘dreams can come true’ or follow your dream’s’ but what are we actually doing to make them happen? When was the last time you acted on one?  
Enjoy the journey

Enjoy the journey

Life is a journey - how often have you heard that? I don’t know about you but in the day to day I very easily forget this along with the fact it’s a journey to...
blossom in the sunset at crouch end

What makes your heart sing?

Spring is here - welcome it with love and joy.  Flowers, poetry and a chance to press pause and reflect on the first quarter of the year and set intentions for the months to come....
orange rose bouquet

Be the woman

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK.  While I am not a fan of hall mark holidays it got me thinking about creation, nurturing and kindness. About being the woman I needed as a girl.
silver and gold baubles

What is alive for you today?

What do you do to feel alive?  Go on think about it.  When was the last time you felt alive.  We spend so much time on auto pilot we easily overlook that life should be...
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It all comes back to love

Make someone’s days - go on.  Read on to find out more….  
Gold balloon number two

The power of choice

Power comes from a place not a position