What is alive for you today?

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The wild storms  felt like a shift in the energy.  It felt like things were ALIVE.


If you have been following my story you will know my word for the year is THRIVE.

Thriving can mean so many different things for different people.

For me it means being ‘on the move’ inspired and motivated and being able to share this with others.

It form the basis in decision making.  If I do it will I thrive?  It encourages me to try new things.  When I think about thriving I think about the endless potential I have inside me, that we have inside all of us, and how I can use this to create, inspire and motivate not only myself but all those beautiful souls in my life.  The vastness of possibility.

It got me thinking about what is ALIVE for me

OMG it’s practically March - where does the time go? Once I got over that initial freak out it is actually the ideal time to notice all of the blossoms and bulbs springing back into life and taking inspiration to notice what is alive for us.

I am starting my morning asking myself - what is alive for me today?

With that intention the day feels so filled with potential to thrive.  I am motivated to jump right into it or like a bulb bravely emerge from the cold ground - ready for anything.

Go on give it a try 

As we tap into this new level of potential it is all to easy to get caught up in our heads being busy saying yes to everything,  which can turn out to be counter productive or lead to overwhelm.  

To counteract this make a conscious effort to take the time to ground.   Come out of the head and move into the body; It’s 80% of us.   Did you know the heart is the largest energetic centre of the body or you can go with your gut which is often called the second brain.  I am sure you have heard expression gut instinct.   The mind is very cheeky and lulls us into believing that by thinking all of the time it is in control. Well it can be if we let it but it is the minds role to think.  We don’t hold our breath so why do we hold onto thoughts?   

By grounding into this we are tuning into our innate wisdom.   Here is a little activation you can do to tap into this.


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