What can I do differently today?

What can I do differently today?

Can you feel it?  

The new moon in Leo brings an energy shift as we move into August.  A feeling of release of free falling into.......

That feeling of freefall, of release can often feel uncomfortable almost fearful. (I often get a serious case of the heebie geebies.) so we make ourselves busy.  Push past a deep internal desire and tell ourselves not to be lazy, there are things to be done.   Getting busy with things that if we gave ourselves some space for our mind and body to rest we would realise are not necessary, dare I say it totally meaningless.

Without realising it we unconsciously create an inner conflict.  This is where intention setting can come in to play.  I am not talking about an to do list for the day. 

I am talking about creating some time & space.

Think about it as thought you are looking at a picture.  There is the subject the focal point but look past this to what is around it.  The 'space'.  It is the interaction of the space around the focal point that makes you notice it and say - oh my that is beautiful.  

Creating this 'space' in our lives helps us to focus on the subjects we care most about.  Creativity, freedom, family, choice.........

Time to create some some space to help frame the incredible experiences you have had and are yet to come.

Try this to help set you up a day that moves with flow and grace

1 - On waking place your hands over your heart space and say good morning to yourself.

2 - On rising let the sun hit your face.   

This could be standing at a window or going outside. 

3 - Close your eyes and lift your chest take a deep breath into the belly - drink it in.  Exhale even sigh.  You can take a few breaths.

Ask yourself.

4 - What can I do differently today?

As the to do lists start to come up, file them, this is coming from your mind. 

Actually this could be the thing you do differently:)  

It does not need to be something radical or maybe it is.  The possibilities  are endless.  

Like Alice in Wonderland thinking of 6 impossible things before breakfast.  When broken down

impossible becomes I'm possible 

Which is how we make a dream a reality.

You could write it down or as they say just do it.

This is your first step in manifesting as we start to pay attention to our deepest desires in our subconscious. 

So give it a try.

Your future is created in the NOW.

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