vintage sari for style neem wrap dress

Since my last newsletter and blog things have not gone to plan and Mercury is not even in retrograde!

What has changed?  

Nothing, except my plans not eventuating,  and as a result making new ones.

Disconcerting but this is the ideal time to make a better ones - what do they say


‘todays problem is tomorrow’s gift’ 


To paint the picture.  I had a pop up lined up in Angel to start in May.  Delivery of new dresses end April to coincide with this.  A shoot and content curriculum all lined up to support this.  

Then like the wheel of doom on a browser………  

Dates kept moving back.  In the same fashion as a train delay where the time keeps moving back by 5 minutes with other trains coming but not the one you need.  20 minutes later still no train & had you known it would be this late you could have made an alternative arrangement.  

Using the train analogy I  took advantage of the other trains coming along and tried some different things.  This helped me stay focused in the moment and not let the unease of uncertainty rule my day.  Which I will admit was not sitting well.  I used the time to cultivate my yoga practice.  My yin yoga classes have trebled over the month.   I get as much if not more out of teaching which helped my mindset so much.  A big thank you to those who come to my yoga classes.  

I took part in a soap box pitch where I go to speak to an audience from the retail sector about my brand.  I love talking about the brand and it was so much fun to do in real life.  I also got to meet other people and their brands on a similar journey.   Most of my pitching has been done online so the IRL experience was valuable. 

With the influx of events and the hype around them it gave me a chance to rethink and hone the upcoming shoot.  A brilliant distraction as I love checking out red carpet looks and styling.

The met gala being one of my favourites.  The theme was ‘Gilded Glamour & White Tie’ which is promoting the new exhibition at the met In America:An anthology of fashion.

Check it out here 


Who do you think captured the theme and do you have a favourite?

If you want to know mine click here.

Now more is happening out in the big wide world it’s and ideal time to ‘dress up’  

My top tips for effortless glamour are pretty much using what you have to hand.  Look at what you have in the wardrobe first and plan what you need to buy.  Sometimes one new thing can help not only freshen up favourites but lost your mood so you look and feel fabulous.  Think of something that will go beyond the event you have in mind.  Gone are the days of looking and feeling trussed up.

A splash of colour in a dress, colour is your friend.   I know of a great selection here 

Metallic sandals - nothing too high heeled.  Stack heels are a very wearable heel if you have not worn one for a while.  For the heel to last look for a heel in a molded piece rather than leather covered.  As the leather snags quickly.  Make sure to do your nails.

A blazer thrown over the shoulders to take the chill off the air.

Statement piece of jewellery earrings, necklace or clip.



If you hadn’t noticed pretty much every member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan was at the met gala.  This brings me on to a guilty pleasure or probably more of a distraction - The Kardashians.  I kinda new who they are but never watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  The father got OJ Simpson off the hook for murder, Kim chummy with Paris Hilton, a sex tape a TV show, married Kanye.  Bruce Jenner now Kaitlyn Jenner.  

It’s taken a couple of episodes to figure out who each one is.  Tricky they all seem to have boyfriends with the same name, Travis, Scott, Travis Scott still not sure on that one.  

It’s quite interesting to see how they make a show in which they don’t seem to do much except get loads of hair and makes up done.  I also have no idea why I am watching it - to tune out.  It’s also interesting in the same way when you are pregnant you see loads of pregnant people, or looking for a new car you see loads of the model of car you want.  I now see how much the look of the Kardashian’s has influenced what and how we look.  

Maybe I could ask them to model for my next shoot ;)









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