Autumn Joy

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Autumn is a magical time of year.  It brings a  sense of anticipation with the bright crisp days, the drama of the leaves changing colour and falling.  A reminder to us all to release what no longer serves us to make way for the new.  As the light changes I am reminded of brisk walks on the weekend followed by a roast dinner, the comfort in a bowl of soup or hot chocolate.  The time to ‘ potter’ around the house and make everything cosy.  While all of this is wonderful it didn’t always used to be the case.  I love summer and years ago regardless of what hemisphere I lived in the nights drawing in would bring a sense of dread.  So what changed?  


I chose to look for the good.  


The splendour in the change of season.  A chance to refresh and find new ways


I don't know about you, but I am not quite ready to embrace full on winter dressing.  The weight of a big coat & getting hot and sweaty under a beanie and scarf.  Let's face it this time of year can be tricky.  Day's can be unusually warm and nights suddenly cold.  This is where layering comes into its own.  Not quite ready to commit to a new season?  Wardrobe essentials are a great place to start and a dress could be the answer. Why not try a shirt dress - the ultimate wardrobe essential.  It works 52 weeks of the year taking you from desk to dinner.  


I find I am drawn to new colour combinations.  Deeper reds, rusts and mustards.  Now is the time the explore new ways of wearing.  Remember when it comes to dressing there are no ‘rules’.  If you like it wear it.  


Taking inspiration from the leaves falling off of the trees, it’s a great opportunity for a wardrobe detox.  Check out my guide.  It's strangely satisfying, dare I say joyous.  Maybe you make some finds - I love it when that happens.  Just the other day I ‘found’ a deep rust coloured jumper oh the joy as it was a colour I had been lusting after.    Maybe you realise where the ‘gaps’ are.  Which brings me back to dresses.  Do you have a shirt dress?  If you don't, I highly recommend one.


Here are some of my favourite layering looks which take you from dawn til dusk.

Looking for ways to inject joy?

Here are my top 3


Colour makes such a difference.  

At this time of year I love a huge wrap scarf/blanket.  I can wear it over my shoulder or over my knees.  So much easier than a big jumper.  I also rotate my cushion covers.  Not every single one.  I swap out leafy and floral designs for velvets and textures in mustard and russet.  A new lipstick or nail polish also does the trick deep claret reds.




Find a new favourite

I love a cacao drink and normally have this as part of a solstice or new moon.  I am going to make it a weekly treat so to speak. You can use anything but make sure you give yourself time to savour and enjoy it.

Cacao drink recipe

Release your inner child

I for one have the urge to kick some leaves. There are  many things you can do here.   Think about something you enjoyed as a child at this time of year.  Puddles, fireworks, conkers - maybe a twirl!  Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face.  Go for it give it a twirl. 



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