Connection the gift that keeps on giving

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The other day I went to a guided meditation.  In part of it we were asked to bring to mind someone we respected and admired - a role model I suppose.  Do you know I drew a blank.  Which I know can happen but it has stuck with me.  It made me feel disconnected, a certain type of lonely.  I have always had people throughout my life I have felt inspired by.  At so many different levels, as a child my parents, as a teenager I loved Madonna,  In my working life it could be a colleague where we would 'spark' off.  This is something different to friendship.   


Have a think - can you think of anyone? 

I could do with some inspiration........I would love to know


Since I did my little mid year reset connection has been on the fore front of my mind.  Now seems like the ideal time to forge new connections and explore the new.  I seem to be in a state of flux where some of the things I used to do don't exactly 'float my boat'. Some of the new and different things I have been doing are super exciting and sometimes scary I am not sure I am 100% there yet either.   

I am not sure I am explaining this well so lets give and example. 

It's the click factor. 

You know you can go to a party/event and be in a room full of people and feel so alone and awkward.  You might talk to a few people but there are those silences and you can't help checking the time.  The minute you see others start to leave you are out of there.  Then there are the times when you strike a conversation with sometimes only one or two people but before you know it the the night is over.   

There is a science to 'clicking'. Our neural brainwaves align - need to get my science fact in.  However it's a chicken and egg situation where we have to be in the right brainwave aka frame of mind.

It's how we show up. 

Our energy.

Rather than adapting to the energy in the room,

Influence the energy in the room.  

How we look represents our face to the world. 

Start with a smile.

Taking it further -  dressing can be incredibly empowering.  Reflecting our mood or setting the mood - the energy.

I know where you can buy some beautiful dresses which will make you feel AMAZING!

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There is also the inner work.  Being in the present is a powerful way to be.  Set and intention

I am.........

I can..........

I choose.......

Try this short meditation to bring you into the present 

Most importantly remember you are fabulous let everyone see it.





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