Jean style

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By now you have honed your style but every now and then your jeans need a freshen up. 

 Our bodies change, out lives change and the way we dress does.  Along with this fashions change with this how clothes sit on the body change in the case of jeans hips vs waist.

Jeans are about the styling. 

There is something for everyone.

Styling to suit any jeans

When wearing a t shirt tuck it in the the top edge of the jean waist.  It elongates the leg silhouette

A blazer or boucle jacket is a classic look which never goes away  - layer over a t or crew neck sweater

Jeans are a great partner to anything metallic or lurex.  - lurex t shirt under a blazer.   Effortless glamour

A crisp white shirt


Jeans can be worn with any shoe/boot. A great way to bring life to a pair of heels you never get to wear

Ballet pumps/slipper are making a comeback and work well as a flat alternative any time of the year.

Be careful of wearing with an actual perfomance shoe like a running trainer

Consider a crop - great way to show off a boot and work for the sexy angle high heel look.


Think of proportion

A tailored wool coat over a crew neck has a similar effect to a blazer - great transitional dressing

Same with a bomber or utility jacket

The exception

When wearing a parka or a puffa need to consider the leg shape of the denim - rule of thumb skinny or slim leg

With all things 90’s being the back drop to most recent fashion trends it is no surprise the 501 has had a resurgence.  

No don’t run out and get a pair or dig the old ones out - unless you want to sell on debop.  Look for the more flattering updates. 

Skinnies still dominate refreshed with a higher waist and look out for support/shaping features

Look for a mid waist not super hight - right to the belly button as this be uncomfortable and unflattering unless you are about 10 years old.  Look for something that sits just about the hip.

Other leg shapes are slim, slim boyfriend/girlfriend & mom. They vary from brand to brand so try. fits


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