Breathe to create calm and focus

Rebecca Rodden with gold mask on face and halo around head

Breath is so important as without it we have nothing.  Yet very few of us breath properly.  Have you ever seen a baby breathe?  They use their whole body.  From an early age we stop doing this and only breath into our chest, when our lungs actually go half way down our back.  

So often we are encouraged to hold our stomachs in.  Crazy as it's a muscle which works both ways. 
This simple exercise works on anyone at any age.  
Has an email got your riled?  Do you have a big meeting?  Is your child not looking forward to a day at school?   
Belly Breath
Belly breathing triggers the parasympathetic nervous system so conserves energy, helps us to digest and counters the fight or flight trigger
try it and share it
Come to a comfortable seated position hands resting on lap.  
Close the eyes or lower the gaze. 
Take a big deep breath and sigh.
Inhale through the nose drawing the breath down to the belly letting it balloon. Widening through the ribs and filling the chest to the tops of the collar bones.
Exhale from top to bottom
Repeat for 5 cycles of breath
Blink open the eyes


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