New beginnings......

picture of new born baby

Launching this website has reminded me of the time when my children were newborn babies.   One big difference being there is no 'test' phase with babies.

Here is why:

Building the website is like being pregnant.  It's a new experience, slightly daunting, you have an idea of what it will be like and want it to be perfect.

Launching the website is like the post natal stage.  Nothing like you expected and a case of try, try and try again.  Along the way recieveing plenty of 'good advice'.

When I launched this sight never did I imagine I would be in for such a ride.  What will happen next?   It works, the pop up pops up!  The products are on, but oh dear the bookings don't work.  Asking for  plenty of 'advice' but never getting the exact solution.  

I love the process of creation.  After years in the fashion industry I know the process like the back of my hand.  The only variable being the product itself.  

For a novice like myself on website functionality it has been a steep learning curve.  I did not think I was reinventing the wheel but at times it has felt like it.  

Like any journey to keep going a good reminder is to 




It will all be worth it.




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