Top 5 Free Mood Boosters

sparkler in glass jar

Its that in-between time - not quite a new season.  The bulbs are coming up, the days are getting longer.

We have hope!

Perhaps you feel a bit meh? Here are a few things to give yourself a boost.

women in red top and sunglasses with a flower in her mouth

Wear RED

Colour makes all the difference. Even a nail polish or lipstick 

Find your piece of red



belly dancer in black with tattoos

Show of your hips
Fun fact moving with your hips makes us 50% more attactive.

We store more tension in our hips that our neck a shoulders - To quote the beastie boys Shake your Rump.


woman in green wearing green sunglasses

Wear Sunglasses

Even at the hint of sun - it makes us feel hope and adds a sense of mystery to your look



woman doing reverse namaste

Stand Tall
Inhale and roll your shoulders up towards your ears and slide them down your back.  You can do this when you are sitting.  Instant mood boost



woman with mirror in front of her faceWhat is your favourite?

Take a good long look in the mirror.  What is your favourite thing about you? Say it out loud and make sure you accentuate it.


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