About eluroom

eluroom - mean's joy of life in Estonian, where my father is from.

Supporting women to radiate JOY through effortless style & mindset to live a full spirited life with confidence.


 What you wear can set your mood or mindset for the day

 For women dressing can be incredibly empowering, a statement of who you are.  Often the most creative expression we can make.    Your appearance reveals a part of you and dressing should be a pleasure.

Drawing on this I have designed a collection of dresses.  Key wardrobe pieces that you return to time and time again as you look and feel amazing in them.  Chic yet comfortable, versatile enough to travel easily with you for those 'life on the go' moments. 

Sharing my love of fashion & style.  The simplicity of how to achieve looking & feeling fantastic in a way that is effortless while juggling a busy lifestyle.

How you dress your mood and mindset are interwoven

To reveal the best version of yourself

To radiate joy