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Come out buzzing

I love Rebecca's class - I always feel so good after doing it!  Even on the day's where I am dragging my feet, I come out with renewed energy.  I love how each week has a theme focusing on chakra or a different technique.  It really has transformed the way I look at yoga.


A sense of achievement

I have been enjoying yoga after having a 16 year break. The right balance between focusing on the inner calm, sense of relaxation & achievement. My back and joint aches have pretty much disappeared.  I have regained the ability to meditate. I particularly enjoy the ease of sessions in my own home.


I have become a huge fan

I have become a huge fan of Eluroom! The changes have been so exciting, who knew that I would do my first press up at 41! Bec is incredible - so inspiring.


So Excited

The classes Bec offers are a beautiful synergy of dynamic movement, soul soothing and spirit awakening... I'm excited to have come across Eluroom at this stage of my journey and can't wait to see where it takes me!


Love the versatility

I have been doing yoga for about 25years - outside, online, retreats, classes and what I love about what Eluroom offers is that it essentially offers bespoke classes that you can take anywhere; zoom is personal - unlike most online classes and I can take the class wherever suits me in the moment - my garden being my favourite.