Forward is Forward

a rainbow river going through the mountains with a red sun

Recently we drove back from Italy to London.  We make the trip every summer.  This year to avoid quarantine we did not stop in France.  We had timed it all out and despite torrential rain going through the alps we were ahead of schedule.  Happy days we were pretty pleased with ourselves.  All of sudden around Lyon whilst flying  down the motor at 100 mph the car slams into shutdown mode with all the lights on the dashboard flashing up


We googled what the alerts meant press a reset button and the car kept running.  Then it happened again and again. Incredibly disconcerting. It felt like every time we went over a the smallest bump it would happen.  We slowed our speed and it happened less.  We stayed in the slow lane. We kept swapping drivers.

All we kept saying  was

"we have to get on this train, we have to get home"

“Come on car don't let us down”

We were driving with our hearts in our throats as it got progressively worse, along with the weather, and the drive slower and slower.

We did get on the train and we did get home eventually


A big lesson for me in this is forward is forward and we persisted and made it.


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