Do you dare to dream?

Do you dare to dream?

Do you remember the line from Pretty Woman “welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream?”  

When I think back to around the time the movie came out, in 1990, I dared to dream - well more than I do now.

With optimism or naivety of youth, I would go for it without a second thought.

What happened?  

As we get older fear creeps in, fear of failure, fear of judgment and a loss of self confidence.  We make ourselves busy with commitments, responsibilities & obligations we ‘should’ ourselves into inaction.

Every morning this month I have been asking myself - what can I do differently?  One of the first things that springs to mind is ‘what I want’…..the rest can wait quite frankly.  

When was the last time you actually thought about your dreams and what you really want in life and for your future.

Making ourselves a priority can be difficult for women.

There does not need to be a reason.

In the same way champagne makes the occasion.

There does not need to be any guilt.

These are the stories we tell ourselves and we need to let them go.  They are emotions that are not helpful.

What if you acted out on a dream,  what you really want for yourself and the beautiful souls in your life.  What would a day, an hour be like if you focused it like that?   

Think of it like the script before a plane takes off.  In the unlikely event of an emergency put your oxygen mask on first.  Same idea, helping yourself first sets you up to be happier, kinder, calmer……the list goes on.

Rather than getting on a aero plane here is what you can do.

Start the day by saying hello to yourself. This can be in your head or out loud.

You could then ask yourself - what would I like to do today?

The brain will jump in pretty quickly here with a list of shoulds.

What you can do here is write them down or make a mental file of

B for bin

How urgent/essential is it?

Can I get someone else to do it?

In minutes you have created the time and space for you.

So what is your dream?  It could be for the day or longer?

Write it down.

Now this could be when all the reason why you can’t do it rise up.  Notice what they are.  Were they the same as the 'shoulds’ you fill your day with?  

We tend to have about 4 or 5 internal comments on repeat which stop us from moving forward.  they may have once been useful but scrutinize them.  How are they helping you now?

Again you could write them down.  Tear them up, throw them away.  Let them go.  

These simple steps take minutes & make a different.

Back to you…. 

…….what’s your dream?  

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