A day without learning is…

A day without learning is…

We have been coming to the same place in Italy for 15 years now.  I would never have picked myself as a person to go to the one place on repeat, but we love it.  

There is always something new to find and do.

The rock in the picture is obviously nothing new but I didn’t  know it had a name

Galeazza Rock

Which is on part of a pretty walk or cycle we make from the place we stay to the beach.  It is a popular rock to jump into the sea from.  Often there can be a ‘queue’.  From watching this I noticed some climb to the pinnacle and jump others from lower down.  This got me thinking about 




Which ever form they come in are part of a growth process.

Coming back to the rock.  

Acceptance - being on the rock there is one way to come off

Inspiration swimming out to the rock and if not touching it, climbing it seeing the coast and see from a different point of view.

Expression - where on the rock do I jump from?  Which side which height, knowing all are valid options which suit you in the here and now.

Whether jumping off a rock, deciding on a drink or what to do with the rest of your day/week/year this is all part of the process in how we grow.

Whether you jump from the top or the bottom of the rock it is something new.  

As we move into September the seasons change alongside of this it’s back to school and Virgo season.

Now I grew up in Australia so September did not mark the start of school.  It did however mark the start of spring - new light and energy.   

it’s a time where we return to routine or start a new routine.  Taking what you have learned from pressing pause and giving yourself some space now it the time to find the

“magic in the mundane”

 As we do at the start of the calendar year there is a tendency to have it all sorted inside the month.  Why do we do this to ourselves. Striving for perfectionism can often close the door on opportunities we could never have dreamed of.

Take the time, which energetically and universally you have with Mercury in retrograde for most of the month as well as Uranus 

— it's nothing to fear, though, as this energy will actually instigate positive change in our lives. Destiny will play a big role here, and we could be in for some serious epiphanies around this time. This is when all the changes that have been taking place in our lives this year could make sense."

After a chaotic few months (years, really), it's just what we need.

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 By the way do you think I have jumped off the rock?  Jump into my DM’s hello@eluroom.com









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