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glitter moon



The full moon energy is a great time to release and let go.  This one is in the house of Libra which is about relationships.  So a good opportunity to release relationships issues.  It could be with a person or with yourself or which an object.

On the subject of letting go. Last weekend I went through my wardrobe detox which was very satisfying.  I fully went in expecting things not to fit.  They all did phew!  What I wasn't expecting was to really not want to wear some of my clothes anymore an be okay with it.  For example, skinny jeans which to be fair I have not worn for ages,  same goes for a load of skirts.  Really don't think they are me anymore.  Along the way I made some fantastic finds which have gone to the front of the cupboard.  The only pieces which I don't wear much but kept are the vintage.  For me they are useful for cut, colour and print inspiration and they might get worn on a special occasion or to make the occasion special.  The act alone helped to cleanse not only my wardrobe but my mind.  


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