For the love of........

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I had a full week with International women's day events.   Celebrating and supporting all the wonder women of the world.  I loved every minute of it.  The highlight getting meet so many different people and hear their story.   Somehow in all of this I think I forgot to celebrate myself.   


I presented my dress collection in a fashion show as part of Lady Wimbledon's International Women's Day Party.

Keep you eye out on my socials for imagery. Here's a sneak peek.

Back stage of a show is chaotic and believe it or not very levelling.  With people coming and going, last minute additions and changes, no shows & no go's.  Dressing & undressing.  Hair and makeup being done in split seconds.  Everyone is there with their own unique part to play to put a 'show on'. The designers, the models, makeup artists, dressers and designers.  Without element yes there is a plan B, C or D we find a way to make it happen.  The show is done every one is happy - a condensed version of a day or week in a life. 


In the evening LDC Lone Design Club Pop up we had a soiree where I met a host of people from all walks of life - as you would expect being in Covent garden.  Not o my the customer but the other independent brands showing.  Fascinating to learn the vision behind the story and the parallels we have in our businesses from creation and direction to the day to day frustrations.


I am at the Lone Design Club every day this week.  138 Long Acre Covent Garden.

Happy hour is daily from 5 to 7 so pop into the pop up have a twirl.  #wonderwomantwirl


A long day & I clocked up the miles around London (as a side note the drive from Muswell Hill to Wimbledon is not particularly rewarding in terms of travel time vs distance taken)

In all of this my heart was singing & still is ❤️🥰🙏


In all of this I did an interview which was themed around IWD.  Not only will people get to know more about me, I actually learnt about myself.  When asked about role models I struggled to answer.  I know I did have some but they no longer seem relevant.  Maybe a reflection on the changes I have been making in my life?  Who knows 🤔. 


When asked who has been the most influential women in my life.  I have not been asked this before.  Whereas I have had the role model question. I said my mother which is not person I would normally say.  Reason being she has not been around for very much of my life.   She died when I was a child so I have a childlike, perhaps unrealistic memory of her.  Loving and glamorous, certainly something I could never live up to.  Her untimely death has shaped the landscape of my life to the person I am today.  I am not sure what the interviewer made of my answer as the whole story of eluroom is of joy.  That said if you read my emails and blogs you have and will come to know joy is by no means my default setting.  As I share with you all I learn and do to find and appreciate those moments. 


Importantly it does not need to be IWD but any day with a y in it to celebrate your uniqueness and do what you love for not greater reason than you love doing it.  As I come full circle


For the love of ……



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