The experts guide to blooming chic this summer at eluroom

The experts guide to blooming chic this summer at eluroom

It's that time officially in the North Hemisphere it's summer.    What's on your agenda? The races, a garden party, perhaps a celebration like a birthday or wedding. In the UK we spends so much time in hope of those sunny days to favour these occasions. 

You wait years for the invitation and when it does does come spiral into a circle of futile outfit shopping. I have seen it first hand at the pop up shop. There is something for everyone so many pretty dresses. Rather than go for a style overhaul embrace what you love about you and what you already have in your wardrobe. We are not about to morph into Dua Lipa at the grammy's with thigh high splits and sheer body con transparency.  

You want to feel comfortable. This when you radiate joy and shock horror enjoy yourself.   Fabric needs to be breathable and cut for comfort. Think silk, embellished cotton, vicose, tencel. This is a time to embrace colour and print. An elegant shirt dress or tunic with metallic pumps and a clutch. Colour turns basic silhouttes into something striking.  Don't attempt to belt something that it not meant to be belted you will ruin the line. I personally avoid a belt at this time as it's so much cooler. You can embrace the comfort of wearing a dress. The ideal length is mid or midaxi which is slightly longer, giving the vide of a max dress without the problem of the hem dragging on damp ground. Also great to show off your favourite footwear.  

Eluroom has styles which tick the boxes.  

Ausus Midaxi Dress

woman wearing ausus midaxi dress in super pink standing in sunflower field

A midaxi floaty dream of a dress in both viscose and silk. You can wear this style belted or unbelted. In a array of colours and prints. This is cool and comfortable with a bonus of being made for dancing it that's involved.  

Sara midi shirt dress

Sara - Jade Green Skater Style Shirt Dress

The neckline is incredibly flattering, bracelet sleeves give good arm coverage without looking to winery.  It's cut to sit on the knee idea to show a little bit of leg. In vibrant colours, the green is super popular right now.


Vaata skater style midi dress  

Vaata skater style midi dress in floral


A midi length skater style dress with is effortlessly chic. A round neck and bracelet sleeve give you great coverage and the midi length show just the right amount of leg.   I love this print but there is only one left.


If you absolutely struggle with a dress why not try a wrap.  

Neem a kimino style wrap layers to create the illusion of a dress.

neem kimono style wrap dress

In light weight silks this style adds a touch of glamour to any look. I ofton wear mine with jeans and a t shirt turning the fine into fabulous.


Bonus Tips:

Weather Check: Be prepared for potential weather changes. Bring a light wrap or pashmina, great to cover the shoulders in the sunshine and ideal for when the evening gets chilly 

Dance the Night Away: Choose an outfit that allows for movement and comfort, especially if there's dancing involved!



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What fabrics are best for summer events?

Prioritize breathability and comfort. Opt for natural fabrics like silk, embellished cotton, viscose, and Tencel. These fabrics allow your skin to breathe and keep you cool on even the hottest days.

2. How can I add personality without a complete style overhaul?

Embrace color and prints! A simple shift dress in a vibrant hue or a playful pattern instantly elevates your look. Think bold florals, geometric prints, or color blocking.

3. Should I wear a belt?

Not necessarily. Belting can sometimes distort the intended silhouette. Avoid it if the dress doesn't naturally fall into a flattering shape when belted. During the summer heat, ditching the belt can be a welcome relief.

4. What's the ideal dress length for summer events?

Consider the midaxi length. It offers the elegance of a maxi dress without the risk of trailing on damp grass. It also allows you to showcase your favorite sandals or wedges.

5. What dress styles are perfect for summer events?

Several options flatter a variety of body types. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Ausus Midaxi Dress: This versatile dress comes in both viscose and silk, offering a cool and comfortable option perfect for dancing.
  • Sara Midi Shirt Dress: The flattering neckline and bracelet sleeves provide good coverage, while the knee-length cut shows just the right amount of leg.
  • Vaata Skater Style Midi Dress: Effortlessly chic, this dress offers a round neck, bracelet sleeves, and a midi length that flatters most figures.

6. What if I'm not a dress person?

Consider a stylish wrap! Try the Neem Kimono Style Wrap. Made from lightweight silk, it adds a touch of glamour and can be layered over jeans and a t-shirt for a versatile look.

7. How can I prepare for unpredictable summer weather?

Be weather-ready! Pack a light pashmina or wrap. It can add warmth on cooler evenings and protect your shoulders from the sun during the day



rebecca eluroom founder wearing elama in sunset camo
Rebecca Rodden founder of the Fashion Lifestyle Brand ‘Eluroom’
She brings wealth and knowledge in the Fashion Industry, Spanning 20 years working her way up to Buying Director at a British Luxury Retail Company.
Her knowledge and skills of how and what you wear can set your mood or mindset for the day has become her specialty.
Rebecca, designs her own sustainable fashion dresses and incorporates mindfulness and wellbeing in her brand ethics to connect to her customers on a deeper level.
She promotes ‘Living with Joy’



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