Focus on the Good

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How are you?  

Really how are you?  How has your week been or your day been?

What has lit you up?

I am not sure if it's because Mercury is in retrograde or there is a clash with Pluto and Mercury but for me communication flow has been haphazard.  Or maybe I am more sensitive to it?

The wheel of doom spinning on my phone when trying to message.  Crossed wires on plans and  I do believe I was given the equivalent of the finger via and email.  I mean where am I meant to go with that?

At first I thought I was okay with it, best to ignore and move on.  But something deep inside me had been stirred.  I started to wake at 4am in a slight panic with a voice saying 'everyone hates you'. 

I mean where has this come from and what is the learning?

First things first I needed to check in with me and see how I was.  Giving myself some time to reflect, I think I had dismissed the feeling which had welled up inside me.  I am not sure if I can give it a label but it's a burst of energy which rises from my stomach and feels like it's exploding from my heart.  Is it crying?  Is it anger?  Is it frustration?  Maybe all mixed together?

In recognising this I was able to dive into my 'tool box' and do some things to release and create space for all the good in life and good things that had and were happening.  In the scheme of things it's one email so why let it take over?

 I mixed up my routine.  Now you know I am a great one for morning routine.  Well I flipped it all around.  Some of the things I did in the morning I moved to the evening and in their place tried some new things and revisited some 'old friends' so to speak.

Movement is great 

Running - a wonderful way to release energy and for me a form of meditation.

Walking - noticing the leaves change and the colour of the flowers, the drama of the sky.  On one of my dawn walks I saw this.

Tree at boat lake Alexandra Palace


It reminded me about noticing the signs in the  wonder of the world around us, when we get outside of our heads.   Over the summer when there was so much uncertainty around travel my husband and I were discussing what we would do.  We agreed going to Italy for some guaranteed sunshine was a high priority.  I recall I said 'I will walk there if I have to'.  At that moment a butterfly flew into the room and landed on the ceiling above me.  I am not sure if it was the same butterfly but around the same time we had one in our front room which would not leave despite our gentle attempts to let it go.   While in Italy another butterfly came to visit us on the beach.  How unusual?  On our return, actually it was when I was writing 21 days of joy, I could hear a flapping on the window behind me.  When I looked it was another butterfly.   Which did take advantage of the open window to escape.   It gave me hope.  

But I digress.  What else did I turn to?

Yoga - I tried some new classes which were so lovely. 

In terms of revisiting this breath and movement practice is so effective I don't know why I stopped using.  Check out - woodchopper

I also find a therapy in doing things with my hands - yes I know that sounds dodgy.    I mean creating.  I completed a new design and am in the midst of prototype and fabrics - the part I love so much.

So back to you and how are you? 

I would love to know what lit you up?

If your feeling stuck and need to switch things up why not try 21 days of joy








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