Celebrate all that is you, with the mini wins

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Celebrate the mini wins. We often talk about the big celebrations and special occasions in life and there are often many in June. Graduations, birthdays, weddings…but what about the mini wins? You know like finding the earring you thought was lost for good, or making every a smooth journey in to work, or even just finishing a good book that’s been on your bedside table for...ever! What if you challenged yourself to celebrate all the mini wins in your life this month? Truly find gratitude in those small but glorious moments. Observe and honor the little things that bring you happiness. This simple practice of recording your progress could lead to bigger wins, a better overall mood, and increased motivation too. That said it’s all too easy to overlook.  Here a 3 ways to make sure you notice the mini wins and celebrate them.

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“All I have to-do is the next right thing,”

Glennon Doyle

Recognise what you’ve done with a ta-da! list

I love this quote it fills me with optimism and excitement.  I love a list, especially when it’s to do with desk bound or admin work.  The satisfaction of crossing of each thing.  Turning a to do list in to a ta da list is done by writing the task down once you have done it then ticking it or crossing it off.  It works in that it shifts the focus from what you have yet to do to what you have done and leaves know doubt around I completed tasks.  No more waking up at 3 am with OMG did I do…… moment.  It's a doubly effective way to celebrate the MINI WINS!

Feel proud and excited and share your positive emotions

Pride has a bad reputation but it’s one of the 10 positive emotions we experience.  It’s really important to allow yourself to feel proud of yourself when you accomplish a specific task or activity.

Keep the momentum going by reminding yourself of the positive outcome you are working towards and use your pride to fuel your excitement.  Like a magnet the positive feelings about what you are doing attract more.  

Tell your friends, family or colleagues what you’ve accomplished.  When you come from a place of positivity and joy those close to you are likely to be happy to hear about your success and want to cheer you on.   It’s infectious so the good will rub off and inspire them.

I find all to often conversations can start with a whinge of the day or all of the problems and the whole thing spirals in to who had the worst day.  When my eldest sone was born my husband an I quickly spiralled in to this.  

We made a resolve to start any conversations about the day with 3 positive things.  Nearly 20 years later I still go with this.  

Cultivate a supportive network of people and you can all bounce off each other.  This does not always have to be in real life, it could be a chat group - find your favourite. 

A mini win in itself is being able to share.  You would be surprised how many people are in the same boat or have been through a similar situation.  Sometimes it can be as simple as saying something out loud and the solution comes to you. 

Telling other people about your goals and achievements adds in external accountability as well as support. 

You’re more likely to summon up whatever resources you need in order to get something done if you have to report to someone else, even on an informal basis, than if you’re going it alone. 

You can also share when you’re struggling and need some encouragement or help. As Brené Brown explained in her TED talk, vulnerability is not such a bad thing.  

"Life is like a disco ball no matter how the music changes you keep dancing”

  Think of the mini wins like a discos ball.  The tiny pieces on a disco ball create an impressive overall effect.   In the same way shining a light to the mini wins makes for an effective way to see how much you can and have done.  Remember to let your light shine :)

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Celebrate your mini wins!

Not every action warrants a full blown party but even the small wins deserve a moment of self-congratulation. 

Try to choose a reward that reinforces your progress rather than undoes it; stuffing your face with chocolate cake after every run is counterintuitive.  Not to say you forgo chocolate cake completely, moderation is key.

Check out these ways to acknowledge your success: 

20 easy ways to celebrate mini wins

Pick one of these ways to celebrate small wins, or make a celebration jar full of ideas that you can dip into whenever you need inspiration or a treat.

  1. Go for a walk in nature
  2. Watch a funny animal video or comedy sketch
  3. Remind yourself of your big dream – gaze at your vision board if you have one
  4. Have a 5-minute dance party
  5. Listen to your favourite song and sing along!
  6. Put some money in a jar so you can save up for a big reward
  7. High five yourself in the mirror
  8. Eat your favourite meal
  9. Have a massage, even if you have to learn how to give yourself a hand or foot massage
  10. Jump up, punch the air and shout Woohoo!, even if you’re on your own
  11. Buy or pick some flowers
  12. Arrange to spend quality time with friends
  13. Do some yoga or other exercise that you enjoy
  14. Create your own victory ritual
  15. Take time out to do your favourite creative endeavour
  16. Plan a fun activity to coincide with your deadlines so you have something to look forward it
  17. Treat yourself to something you like
  18. Write a note to thank someone who has helped you get this far
  19. Make your favourite drink put your feet up and enjoy
  20. Mix up your day.  Have a long lunch, an early night, a late night or sleep in.  

What would you add to the list?

I would love to know please email me hello@eluroom.com

Will you try it? What can you celebrate today?

Celebrate all that is you with a new dress 😍 


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