Are you ready?

woman with glittery hand over eyes

In a spin?


Lost your sparkle?


Often at this time of year it seems like everyone else is sparkling joy


Enjoying the 'champagne moments'


Remember to fill you glass

Never mind being party season ready (my last post) are you ready?  I get to this time of year and get a tightness in my throat as it dawns on my I have done nothing about Christmas Day.  If I pause and ignore the low level panic it's no different to any other year.   


I've got this.


I have decorated - one of my favourite things.  I love dressing the house for winter.  As we come to the longest nights there is a comfort in the smell of pine needles the twinkling lights, bouncing off of the baubles scattered through the house.

As you know I love sparkle and shine - metallics are a neutral and work at any time of year.  At this time of year they hold their own.  Providing a lift both physically and mentally.  I have a touch of metallic or sparkle in everything I wear - an advent calendar of sparkle and shine. So I urge you to embrace your inner magpie and go for it.

Thing you can try 

Jewellery - this can be anything pick a piece a statement piece can make the everyday less every day.

A piece that sparkles, so sequin, lurex or metallic.  Perhaps you have a top or dress that you 'save' for going out.  We all have one tucked away.  Layer it.  A shift dress can be teamed with jeans or trousers with a jumper or jacket layered over.  

Footwear - if you are looking for a new pair of boots try something with stud or a metallic. Honestly every time you look down at your feel you will get a buzz and you can wear them with anything.  I have a pair I wear on repeat all year around.

Makeup - a splash of glitter over the eyelid or brow is and instant highlighter.  I find it more effective than a highlighter as it does not highlight my wrinkles.  :) 

As I write I am looking at my hands - yikes - time to get out the polish and yes it will be metallic.  

Clothes have the power to transform how we feel about ourselves.


You know yourself when you put on a dress that makes you feel unstoppable


You have got this!


If after all of this you still think your wardrobe is lacking pizzazz I have you covered.

Style Ausus

Go on treat yourself


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