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Luna wearing ausus in super pink

I have returned to London noticing a real chill in the air 

I have spent the last month shedding my proverbial skin letting go of old ways and enjoyed time not wearing a jacket or outerwear. 

I am not ready to return to a winter wardrobe both figuratively and literally

I always hold out on a coat and boots until the clocks change.

As you know I love drama in my clothes not my life

Style is a powerful form of communication.  

Adorning yourself, creating an identity and communicating through how your look is a ritual that dates back to the dawn of man.  

As we evolve it continues to evolve.  

Quality and thoughtfulness should be the backbone in design and procurement

Supporting women to radiate JOY thought effortless style and evolve it with confidence.  

Pieces you could wear with anything.

A brilliant way to do this is with layers. 

Ausus makes for a fabulous burst of colour whatever the weather.  Do you ever find yourself inexplicably attracted to a colour?  There is a whole science behind it. Not only that but the subconscious thoughts the can provoke.  For example yellow brings about enthusiasm and enlightenment - it makes your feel more energised.  Super Pink the ultimate mood boosting colour - suits everyone 💗 I for one say 'I am not a pink person' but this shade I can't say no to.  I would go as far as to say it's my power dress.  When I wear it I feel ready for anything.  I have a deep love of teal which I think comes from my love of the sea.  Not only being in it but staring out at it - dreamy.

If you have read my wardrobe essentials you will know I advocate at least one metallic or sequin item.  One in each category even.  I need to update this with animal print.  In the same way metallics make for a great 'neutral' or grounding colour so does animal.  The tones suit all completions and soften the silhouette making it far more flattering.

Double leopard can be a challenge to pull off, teamed with a bold colour like the sherbet makes it work.  The belt and collar give the dress a whole new look.

I love the layers create with the the double skirt and sequin wrap top

Metallics pair so beautifully with teal and mixing up the metals gives is an effortless touch of glam

Using a scarf or shawl as a belt creates a whole new silhouette
Ways of wearing style ausus midaxi dress
Teamed with cowboy boots and fringed jacket creates a relaxed glamour

Need a wardrobe boost?

Start off by taking the style personality quiz 

Taken the quiz then work on the 5 step style update






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