Taking inspiration from the sun

glitter saying you are made of magic

I wanted to share

I have been enjoying swimming in the sea.  I swim out as far as I can to a buoy, end of a pier.  It's deep and far and probably not advisable unless you are a strong swimmer. 

Maybe that's why I do it an element of danger?

They say our quality of life is directly proportional to our relationship with fear.

So unless we are in mortal danger it's a mind game.

Taking some inspiration (inspired action if you read my last blog) from the wonderful sunshine - which charges up my batteries I wanted to talk to you about chakras.

Do you know what a chakra is?

I had heard of them but did not fully understand them until I did my yoga teacher training.

A chakra is a wheel.  It is also a metaphor for the sun.  A great wheel that rolls across the sky.  This ancient system forms a vertical column of energy centres in the body which mirror the glands in the endocrine system.  Primarily used as meditation points, they are interconnected and can affect many aspects of our physical and mental experiences.  The chakra system can be used alongside physical and psychological practices to achieve balance.

There are 7 main ones.


I want to talk about the Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura: ‘the city of jewels’ 

It's just above the belly button and it's gold.  I like to think of it as a piece of gold. 

It's our power source our energy.  When I am in the sun I always feel like it is charging me up - I guess it is the colour connection.  Probably one of the few times I care to expose my midriff

When it's out of balance we either feel lethargic or frenetic.

So pause.  Place both hands just above the belly button.  Take a big deep breath letting the belly swell.  Maybe do this a few times.

How are you feeling?  Do you need more energy or do you need to pause and chill.

Standing or sitting slowly twist to the left then twist to the right, with opposite hand connecting to the opposite hip. 

Do this a few times internally saying ‘I am gold'

Why not try this short meditation

Simple things like what you eat, look at or wear can help tap into this.

Yellow food - we all know banana's are a great energy boost.  Lemon's have so many health benefits.  From the wake up and warmth of a hot lemon in the morning to being one of the few fruits which works in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Bet you have never seen a lemon like this.  It's growing in the villa we are staying at.

lemon growing on a tree

Taking inspo from my mate Paris - check out last weeks email.  This is a delicious addition to pasta salad or to dip some foccacia

Lemon juice 

Olive oil




Proportions according to size of dish.  Is there a youtube cooking future for me?

Wear the colour - it does not even need to be a whole piece but I do know where you can get a fantastic yellow dress - style Ausus

rebecca in ausus in sherbet yellow

The first step however is being aware.  

Pause...........  Place both hands just above the belly button.  Take a big deep breath letting the belly swell.  Maybe do this a few times.

Remember you are worth more than gold


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