The power of choice

Gold balloon number two

I love the saying 'power comes from a place not a position.'


As I reflect on 2021 I must admit I don't view it with great fondness.  Maybe it's too close to view with perspective.   There are highlights and lowlights as I am sure we have all had.  Don't worry I am not going to go through and list them.

My take away from the year is choice - realising I am fortunate to have a choice.

The number 2 represents choice.  We have three of them in this calendar year which is magical.   I have been thinking about choice a great deal.  I am very fortunate to have the freedom and life to make choices.

It's incredibly powerful.

When I know this and have the tools to do it why oh why do I make the choices that play into patterns that are self sabotaging and keep me small.  Don't get me wrong that voice in my  head is incredibly practical and convincing. Keeping me busy with tasks that are easy to achieve and do seem to matter but don't get me to where I want to be.
I am very good at saying yes to everything.  Having spent years of being encouraged and actually rewarded for running myself ragged.  Discouraged and even ridiculed from listening to or going with my 'gut'.  Conveniently leaving little time for me and what I really want.  

Why have I chosen to forgo the beauty and romance of life?

If I listened to my intuition what would she be saying. 'I am here and you are invited to my world.'

Why don't I listen?  

What am I afraid of?

This is not a new story.  It took me about a year to realise how loose I am with my boundaries.   Acting out of fear and obligation.   Which then leads to exhaustion and resentment.   I guess the biggest part is the realisation of this pattern.  

How am I going to change the years of habit and programming? 

What can I do right now today?

So let's use wreath making as and example, as I made one a couple of weeks ago.

I had an idea a dream a vision of how I wanted the wreath to look.

It took a bit of planning as I don't have everything so I take a bit of time getting the necessary pieces together.  Now some of this might not be readily available when I need it.  Some of it might cost more than I am prepared to spend so things move and change.  I might actually find something better.

I have a deadline no point to a wreath that will be ready on the 30th of December.

With all the tools to hand I give myself the time to put it together.  This is not something you can start and return to or really do anything else while making it.

In application to everyday life

Mastery - I have an idea and I make a plan with a finite start and end date.  It is what could be deemed as a small win.

Mindfulness - as I do it I am in the moment concentrating.  Not letting myself get distracted with........

Mattering - what I am doing is making a difference.  It is pleasing to the eye, adds to the festive spirit of the house - ticking quite a few boxes.

A step at a time a day at a time I am in flow I am in the zone one step closer towards my idea, dream,  vision.

I am not talking about dramatic choices which we often veer to at this time of year and lead to overwhelm.  I am talking about steps.  Maybe it starts with a word, phrase or action we adopt for the day.

The word I choose is 'trust'

As I become reacquainted with my intuition I will trust her.  She is the one encourages me to be me, to lean into the beauty and romance of life  - to choose JOY

Each of us matter so much in this world, we have such power to make a difference. 

What choices will you make in this magical year?

It’s time to pay attention to what surrounds you and the little things that make you happy

REAWAKEN YOUR JOY will help you to feel more connected as you embark in a new year.







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