Gone are the days of having nothing to wear

marylin monroe wrapped in a towel

If you could only wear one thing what would it be?  Could you even imagine it?   Now I have you thinking, could you pick just one? I say if you have to wear one thing make it glam.  I am not advocating a minimalist life lets 'cut the cloth a different way'. Would there not be a certain sense of liberation in less choice. Are you decision fatigued?  Time poor?  Surely having less wardrobe options would alleviate this.  It also gives you a chance to hone your style and create and iconic look embracing your uniqueness.  The satisfaction of having a wardrobe of pieces you love and cherish which bring you joy.  

Let's break it down.

What inspires you to buy?  What are you drawn to?  A great place to start is understanding this.  Take the style quiz to find out.

Do you know whats in your wardrobe?  Most people don't.  There is some shocking statistic we only wear about 20% of clothes 80% of the time.   I know I have been shocked to learn I had - how many pairs of black trousers?  Seriously?  You will be pleased to know I took a does of my own medicine on that one.  If you need some focus around this check out the wardrobe detox.

Anything missing?  I discovered when I did mine I did not have any decent t shirts.  That said it can be related to the time of year.  If you are not entirely sure on what you think you will need look at the wardrobe essentials.

What you will come to learn is that like everything in life your wardrobe changes as your reason for dressing style evolves. 

Let me share, like you my days have changed, each day is so unexpectedly different, and what I need right now is something that makes the mornings easy.  (I am not a night before or weekly wardrobe planner.) 

My current go to is style VAATA.  I literally throw it on.  It does not crease, I can layer it and not even have to think about shoes.  It takes me from yoga to meetings and dinner if I am lucky.  It is incredibly comfortable not only the fit but the fabric feels amazing and the weight is ideal.  The colours make me so happy when I look at them.  

I feel ready for anything

Which brings me back full circle.  You should a wardrobe of clothes you love and feel good in so you feel confident and beautiful and radiate joy.

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