Dreams into reality

Dreams into reality

For as long as I can remember I have been captivated by sari’s.  The vibrancy of the colours and lustre of the material. In a bustling city or along the river Ganges as women go about their day to day lives swathed in bold flashes of colour brings a boost of joy.  The glamour of a Bolly Wood movie - bliss on a blah day.    I have always dreamt  that when I went to India I would at least look at if not buy sari’s.   Drink in the colours, touch the materials and well I had not thought much beyond that.

I can’t pinpoint how or where exactly but it seemed like a natural progression as I love designing and creating things to wear.  As I buyer I struggled to pick a favourite category I worked on when asked.  I love how the whole collection comes together.  More often that not when it comes to dressing myself I gravitate to a dress.  So versatile and can be thrown on in a moments notice and voila dresses and ready to go.

I have always been amazed at the adeptness of how the sari is tied.  I have tried but it very quickly unravels.  Like those shoes that tie around the ankles. Never been able to get them to stay. 

I wanted the beauty of the sari to be accessible to more than those capable of tying them.   From my most recent visit to India I sourced vintage sari’s. I was in heaven.  The styles I created, like a sari are not size specific.    As each sari is unique it has been a labor of love working with a factory who had the patience to go through each one and cut it to make the most of the materials designs.  We you look at each garment it is like taking a journey of surprise and delight.

There was a hiccup along the way with a few of the sari’s disintegrating on the cutting table.  Better then that falling apart when being worn.  You will be please to know the ones that perished are being replaced.  With what I could salvage I made bunting for the market stall.  

Market stall at Chelmsford


I have tried to highlight as much of this as possible on the website so have a look.  

Over the coming weeks I will be posting more about each style and have planned some real life events which I will share with you closer to the time.  

Here’s some inspiration behind the styles I created.


Neem a wrap dress is inspired by a kimono shape.

Neem wrap dress

 There are so many ways you can wear it.  Making it a wardrobe essential.  I have been wearing mine on repeat with either yoga pants and a top or jeans and a t shirt.  The way the light weight silk material caresses the skin and glides as you walk feel divine.  It can be layered over another dress.  Maybe you have a scrappy top or dress you don’t get much wear out of as it’s not warm enough, you feel a bit pale in it or maybe don’t like the shape of your arms.  Neem can bring a whole lease of life to some of the less worn pieces in your wardrobe.


Neem styling suggestion jeans and a strappy vest

Neem and palazzos pants plus tank

Layer over a dress

Then there is style Ausus, a floaty dream of a dress.  

Style ausus in vintage sari material

One dress uses a whole sari.  The way the dress is cut suits a variety of shapes and you can have so much fun with the styling.  I had a market stall at the Chelmsford races.  it was a rare sunny, actually hot day in the UK.  I set up a market stall, walked around the races promoting the brand and did not break a sweat.  I didn’t even need a bag as the pockets are big and deep enough to hold my phone.  In summer I like to wear it loose with strappy sandals.  

Ausus with strappy sandals effortless and chic




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