Dare to Day Dream

Dare to Day Dream

Worry and daydreaming are different aspects of the same thing: Your creative imagination.  Worrying creates blueprints of what you do not want in your future.

  • Daydreaming creates blueprints of what you do want in your future.

Worrying leaves you powerless, drained and tired. In a world where we are overstimulated we tend to be prone to worry as it’s our brains way of keeping us safe.

Daydreaming, on the other hand, leaves you empowered, satisfied and energized because it feels as if you are the one feeding your mind with positive images of your joys, desires and wants.  In being busy we often dismiss the daydream as it’s not seen a necessary to day to day survival. Yet without them how do we move forward?

Both use your imagination.  They form a reflection of the day, week, month ahead.  At a subconscious level we wire ourselves to look out for the validation of the worry which then makes it a reality.  The same can be done with a day dream when we use it consciously.

Think of it as a literal mirror if you smile it smiles back if you frown it frown back.  You are the one sending the smile or frown so both the sender and receiver. Your imagination determines your reality. 

The choice is yours.

Try this to set yourself up with an achievable dream.

Use your free will to choose what you daydream into this reality. 


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