You Are a Badass: A Celebration of Your Strength and Growth

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You Are a Badass: A Celebration of Your Strength and Growth

Hey there, beautiful people! Let's talk about something truly important today: YOU.

We spend so much time chasing goals, battling challenges, and striving to be better that it's easy to forget how far we've already come. This is your official permission to take give yourself a high five, and celebrate the amazing person you are. 

Think back. Remember that time you conquered a fear you thought would paralyze you forever? Or how about when you picked yourself up after a crushing setback and kept moving forward? Those moments, big or small, are testaments to your incredible strength and resilience.

Maybe you haven't reached the peak of Mount Everest (yet!), but you've climbed your own personal mountain range. You've faced down anxieties, learned new skills, and grown in ways you never imagined. That's something to be fiercely proud of.

And it's not just about overcoming obstacles. Celebrate your victories, big and small! Did you finally master that challenging recipe? Did you land your dream job? Did you simply have the courage to put yourself out there and try something new? These moments, too, deserve a high five.

You are more than your accomplishments, of course. You are kind, you are funny, you are creative. You bring light and laughter to the world, and your presence makes a difference. Don't forget to celebrate the person you are at your core, the one with the big heart and the beautiful soul.

So take a deep breath, make it a lions breath, wonderful human. Take a moment to acknowledge the battles you've won, the lessons you've learned, and the incredible person you've become.

Here are some more ways you can 

20 easy ways to celebrate all that is you

Pick one of these ways to celebrate small wins, or make a celebration jar full of ideas that you can dip into whenever you need inspiration or a treat.

  1. Go for a walk in nature
  2. Watch a funny animal video or comedy sketch
  3. Remind yourself of your big dream – gaze at your vision board if you have one
  4. Have a 5-minute dance party
  5. Listen to your favourite song and sing along!
  6. Put some money in a jar so you can save up for a big reward
  7. High five yourself in the mirror
  8. Eat your favourite meal
  9. Have a massage, even if you have to learn how to give yourself a hand or foot massage
  10. Jump up, punch the air and shout Woohoo!, even if you’re on your own
  11. Buy or pick some flowers
  12. Arrange to spend quality time with friends
  13. Do some yoga or other exercise that you enjoy
  14. Create your own victory ritual
  15. Take time out to do your favourite creative endeavour
  16. Plan a fun activity to coincide with your deadlines so you have something to look forward it
  17. Treat yourself to something you like
  18. Write a note to thank someone who has helped you get this far
  19. Make your favourite drink put your feet up and enjoy
  20. Mix up your day.  Have a long lunch, an early night, a late night or sleep in.  


You are strong. You are capable. You are amazing. Now, go forth and keep shining your light on the world!


Sharing the prose which inspired me to share my thoughts on success, strength and all the wonder that is you.

You thought you can’t take anymore, you did.  You felt a little less pain.    you thought of giving up, you found a reason to keep going.  Every time you thought you would never smile again, you saw or heard something funny that made you laugh until your stomach hurt.    you thought you’re too tired to move forward, you found the strength to do it anyways.  Every time you thought you can’t face the world, you found the courage to raise your head and look around you.  Every time you thought you would never be whole again, you put yourself together.  This might not be the end of your trial, but like every other time you’ll get yourself through it.  In the meanwhile give yourself more credit for coming this far. 

There is healing.  There is hope.


Aysha Soft Healing Growth


Top 7 Questions and Answers About "You Are a Badass: A Celebration of Your Strength and Growth"

  1. Isn't celebrating yourself a bit narcissistic?

Absolutely not! Recognizing your accomplishments and appreciating yourself is a healthy part of self-care. It fuels your motivation and allows you to approach future challenges with confidence.

  1. What if I haven't accomplished much? Can I still celebrate myself?

Of course! Growth isn't always about reaching big milestones. Celebrate small victories, like learning a new skill or overcoming a fear. Even simply getting through a tough day is a win!

  1. How can I shift my mindset to focus on celebrating myself more?

Start by reflecting on your day and acknowledging even the smallest positive steps. Keep a gratitude journal to track your wins, big or small. Surround yourself with supportive people who uplift you.

  1. What are some practical ways to celebrate my accomplishments?

Treat yourself to something you enjoy, take a relaxing break, or share your achievement with loved ones. Do something that makes you feel happy and proud.

  1. Beyond achievements, what are other things I can celebrate about myself?

Celebrate your personality! Are you kind, funny, or creative? Recognize your strengths and the positive qualities that make you unique.

  1. How can I celebrate myself without putting others down?

Focus on your own journey and avoid comparing yourself to others. Their accomplishments don't diminish yours.Celebrate the victories of others as well, fostering a spirit of shared success.

  1. I'm really struggling to see the good in myself. What can I do?

Start small. Focus on one positive thing about yourself each day. Be kind and compassionate with yourself, just like you would be with a friend. There's good in everyone, and sometimes you just need help finding it.

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She brings wealth and knowledge in the Fashion Industry, Spanning 20 years working her way up to Buying Director at a British Luxury Retail Company.


Her knowledge and skills of how and what you wear can set your mood or mindset for the day has become her specialty.


Rebecca, designs her own sustainable fashion dresses and incorporates mindfulness and wellbeing in her brand ethics to connect to her customers on a deeper level.


She promotes ‘Living with Joy’


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