The inspiration behind the new collections at eluroom

Rebecca wearing ausus in super pink

‘I love drama in my clothes not my life’

Rebecca Rodden

Style Roosa back shot

For as long as I can remember I have been captivated by sari’s. 


The vibrancy of the colours and lustre of the material. In a bustling city or along the river Ganges as women go about their day to day lives swathed in bold flashes of colour brings a boost of joy. 


The glamour of a Bolly Wood movie - bliss on a blah day. 


I have always dreamt  that when I went to India I would at least look at if not buy sari’s. 


Drink in the colours, touch the materials and well I had not thought much beyond that…….


In the new collection I have used light weight printed silk sari’s With a chiffon like weight the material floats and caresses the skin.   I always looking for sari's.  Please let me know if you have any looking for a new lease of life.  I do also work with customisations of saris :)


The colours chosen for the vibrancy and luster.


The silhouette is inspired from 70’s styles with the puff sleeves and scooped neck which can be worn on or off the shoulder.  The full frill has a peek-a-boo effect and skims the calf.  

It’s all about the fabric

For me inspiration for the new collection starts with the fabric.  A colour or print will catch my eye.  For a dress the fabric needs to feel silken and caress the skin.  Who want to wear something scratch?  These light weight silks are perfect as they are hard wearing yet feel divine to wear.

Close up of print in Ausus vintage silk sari Topaz blue paisley

I love the process of creation

Once I touch the fabric and see how it moves the new collection takes shape in my mind.  From there I sketch, make a pattern and the first sample or toile.  I share this with the factory who make a sample and if it works I get the pattern graded.  I am often asked if I make everything.  I have made a few of the pieces but if I have a batch to do the factory has the set up and expertise.  

Material with tape measure and scissors

New Collections

As part of eluroom’s commitment to sustainability the remnants from the dresses are being used for new additions to the collections.  The materials are too beautiful the throw away.   Now you can own a beautiful print from eluroom.  Perfect for gifts.  

The silk purses are the perfect size and can be used for so many things.  i use mine as a make up bag - as I can cram so much in :). It so easy to keep clean.  I recommend washing with your face wash as its sure to remove the make up and far less harsh then washing power. 

Why not add a splash of colour to your wrist with a bangle.   Sold as sets pic your favourite colour combination.  Another new addition to the collection  Each set comes in it’s own pouch making an ideal gift. 

I love creating new things and the problem solving that comes with it.  Things that make you look and feel beautiful and a destined to be favourites or treasures.  

Make the occasion with what you wear.


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