It's been an interesting year 

sparkler 2020
2020 has been interesting to say the least😬🤪⁠

I am trying to find meaning to the year by taking a moment to pause and reflect on how I have grown.🤔⁠

Both challenges and highlights.💥⁠

I wanted to share some questions I have asked myself.⁠

1. What is the most important lesson you learned this year?⁠

2. What is the best thing that happened?⁠

3. What did you let go of?⁠

4. What new habit did you start?⁠

5. What was your biggest challenge?⁠

6. What was your favourite moment?⁠

7. What are you thankful for?⁠

8. What new skill(s) did you learn?⁠

9. What new relationships did you make?⁠

10. What 3 words would you use to describe the year?⁠


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