Imagine if

glitter tights and high heels in the air

“Imagine what you could do if your were confident, and then do it”. I love this quote by Musa Okwonga in his book exploring his creative self doubt,  In the End, It Was All About Love (which it so is)

What if you replace the word confident with creative - as the 2 are so intertwined.

Did you know 75% of the worlds population deem themselves to not be creative.  Which quite simply is not true.    Saying this is akin to saying you don’t eat.

When you say you are not creative you inadvertently perpetuate the myth.  

Do you remember the drawings you used to do or the Lego your built.  Perhaps it was hours spent playing with pots and pans with not a scrap of cooking involved.  As we grown older our creative impulses are smothered.  Self doubt creeps in and we start to worry about what others will think.  Not Michaelangelo?  Even he doubted himself, writing to a friend “my painting is dead….I am not in the right place.  I am not a painter.”

Creativity is one of life’s purest pleasures.  For me creativity is total escapism, from myself, and all that is going on that is out of my control - which is pretty much everything.   

Everyone is creative, it manifests it’s a varying degrees in different ways and that’s the beauty of it.

There are are the seemingly mundane day to day tasks of getting dressed and deciding what to eat.  All creative.  

If you approach creativity as though you were driving a car at night, never seeing further than the headlights, the process can take you places you place you would never have envisaged.   Try not to constantly evaluate and analyse. It uses a very different part of the brain.  Go with the flow and see what happens.    

Start with something small so the fear and doubt don’t take over. If a book  is in you a start a journal entry or blog post at a time.

Make it a daily practice, something that slots easily into your day with out too much thought or fuss.  

Don’t ‘should’ yourself.  

If you get ‘stuck’ try a different tack.   For me that’s the best part - the process of exploration.   

Always remember why you are doing this, for you, and with that remember there is really only one persons opinion that matters and this is your own.  You may not have reached the accolades of Monet or Steinbeck but you will have moments of joy in creating something new.  


I wanted to give you a little sneak peek of some of the colour palette and print work I have been doing for the next drop. Colour come from anything that catches my eye.  More often than not flowers, this time I also took inspiration from a table of food.







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