First in Best Dressed

First in Best Dressed

Have you heard the expression “first in, best dressed”?  It’s similar to the early bird gets the worm or every morning there is a lion in Africa….

Anyway it means the first person or people to do something will get something first or will have an advantage.  

It originates from the 1800’s and I think it became a call to action for a clothing store.  The idea being if you get in to the store first you get the first option or choice so “the best”.   The ideal dress in your favourite colour and perfect size.

Things have certainly has changed.  In a world of excess very rarely do things seem to sell out.  Even in my lifetime I have seen this.  I recall if you didn’t get the coat or boots as soon as the season started there was a very high chance you would miss out.

Online shopping has made things more accessible & the mindset of brands and retailers changed.  

From my buying experience I have seen this first hand.  The mindset shifted from running out of something and not having much go on sale being a good thing to being…..well less good.   The credit crunch in 2007 changed peoples spending patterns and how retailers traded.   Margins were pushed, stock was bought to go in to sale.  Desperate to win customers spend discounting become more prolific.  What better headline to grab attention that SALE Black Friday became a ‘thing’ around the world.  Now as consumers we want a  shiny new purchase we want it at a discount.  Double dopamine hit.  


This cycle is not sustainable.

So lets flip this on it’s head.  My dressed are priced to be first price right price.  The materials come from Italy or a dead stock, made to last.   The styles are made in London alongside brands such a Erdem and Alice Temperley.   All of this comes at a price.  Making clothes is not cheap.  My mission is to give you the best quality and make at the best price without sales and markdowns - think of it as a permanent sale.  I like to think of myself as the new version of your local dress maker.  We know each other, you know where the dresses come from.  Starting with the inspiration to the finished product you have been on the journey with me.  You know how the materials feel, your size and we have a load of fun styling it. 

Dressing should be a please - a joy!





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