Winter proof your wardrobe

Rebecca walking out of front door in elama long sleeve shirt dress with hat a sheepskin coat

Where ever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

One of the many uplifting quotes by Anthony J. D’Angelo.  All too often we get caught in a weather whine.  Why spend energy complaining?  Embrace it.  An effective way to do this is with what you wear.  You can’t change the weather you can change what you wear for an instant mood boost as how you dress, your mood and mindset are interwoven.   There is no such thing as bad weather rather, unsuitable dressing.  When it’s super cold insufficient layering and ineffectual footwear do us no favors.  We can get caught in a rut of wearing the same snuggly warm pieces which can make dressing somewhat ho hum.   

Layering is key, this is where a jumper comes into its own.  

The January jumper is a lifeline – your friend on a dark morning, your ally on a cold commute. The most important characteristic of it is, naturally, that it keeps you warm.

A good jumper will warm your cockles, not just your core. The joy isn’t just in the warmth it brings; it’s in being a reassuring presence. Like a hug.

There are at least three main types of January jumper.

A boost of colour for a boost of joy.

This style from cos so easily layers with jeans for a casual look or dress up with tailored trousers or a shirt dress.  Elama would be ideal

Cos orange crew neck jumper


I love a little sparkle and these cashmere pieces by Adeela Salehjee can be worn so many ways, team with denim a skirt dress up or down.

Adeela Salehjee style Hendon crew neck navy cashmere with star

A knitted tank.  As I write it’s what I am wearing.  I love showing off the sleeve detail in an eluroom dress.  The one I have is sold out but love this Albaray version.  This goes with so many pieces, a shirt and denim combo, layered with a blazer.  So much fun as a print mash up with a shirt dress, style Elama or ILU.

 Albaray Fairisle knitted tank

Trousers and jeans are an easy warm option but why not mix it up with a shirt dress.  Less to have to think about.  A dress with a knit can be layered over tights and what better way to show off a fabulous boot.  Nothing beats a comfortable to elevate your winter look.  Perhaps you have a pair you have not go around to wearing yet?  Put away over the summer or saved for an occasion.  Make the occasion with what you wear.


Cannot beat a chunky

Other stories chunky chelsea boot in white




I have been living in my metallic cowboy boots.  Metallics are a neutral!

 Cos embroidered silver cowboy boot


Thigh high boots are a hot look for the season and this is a super wearable version.  The small heel flatters the leg and make them comfortable for all day wear.

Reformation Remy boot


It is not a case of going out a buying a whole lot of new pieces, that said it’s a good time as most of what I have shown you is on sale.  Rather it is to figure out what you associate with joy and confidence and wear it!

Remember you make the occasion with what you wear.


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