The Power of colour

The Power of colour

What inspires me to design is the chance to explore and express myself with colours.  I am sure you can see this in the collection  am sure you can see this in the collection with the diverse selection of prints and colors which create a sweet shop for you to choose,


For me colour posses a language without words.


How you dress your mood and mindset are interwoven.  Colour is the ideal way to reflect a mood & boost a mood.  Be your own ray of sunshine on a gloomy day.

When was the last time you saw a rainbow?

I have always found them magical.  I remember as a child trying to find the end.  Even now when I see one I am filled with hope.  They are constant in that they always come from light and water, yet highly individual due to perspective.  The awareness of what clothes can do has a similar aesthetic.   We all dress for the same practical reason yet our approach is very different.  Take colour as an example.  We are drawn to certain colours, often depending on the time of year or how we feel.  When considering colours to wear.  Neutrals like black, white, navy, camel make a great base and combine well.  They also work as a back drop for bolder colour.  If you are not sure on a colour, do this, when trying a garment on see if you can notice your face.  If you can’t the colour is too overpowering.  A simple solution around this, if the colour is something you love, is to wear it in shoes, a bag, or nail polish.  I have had colours in all of these product I would never be able to pull off in clothing.   


I am drawn to colours and colour combinations from many sources.  


Have you had an unexplainable attraction to a colour?

 I have and do

There is a whole psychology on colour and how we are attracted to colours and the moods, thoughts or memories they provoke.

I am currently wearing spritz camo on repeat.  The reds empower and the oranges bring joy. 

Elugeo in navy is soothing the pink and blue combination reads a lavender which calms.

Blue's especially teal makes me think of the dreamy sea.  I can’t wait for Ausus in true teal to come back into stock. 

Colour is something we can have fun with

Never stop exploring




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