The inspiration behind the eluroom style IMU a shift dress with a difference

The inspiration behind the eluroom style IMU a shift dress with a difference

I love the creative process. It is what makes me tick.  From the glimmer of an idea to the glimmer in someone’s eye when they try on a dress they know they look and feel beautiful in.  

I love things that sparkle and shine.  It makes for an instant mood boost.  

Metallics are a neutral we should all have at least one piece of metallic in our wardrobe.⁠


We are all magpies attracted to shine and sparkle. Whether the beauty of nature in sunlight across rippling water or the sparkle of gems in a pretty jewel. It’s a universal language we share when we look up at the night sky. ⁠

What colour does not go with gold or silver? ⁠


What will brighten your mood on a gloomy day? ⁠


What shines on a sunny one? ⁠


Metallics work 52 weeks of the year 24 hours a day. ⁠


Metallic fabrics come in many forms.  


A sequin for example.


Sequin originates from the Arabic word for Sitka meaning coin


Which became Venetian for zecchino


Which became French for sequin


Throughout history we have embellished clothing with polished disks


The modern sequin was developed in the 30’s for film production


I recommend you have at least one piece of clothing in sequins💯

Metallics make up part of the collection and I pleased to say I have sourced some dead-stock sequins which means if I didn’t use them they would end up as landfill.

Can you imagine 😱


IMU sequins silver

The fabric speaks for it self so I wanted to create something elegant which makes the most of it.   A shift dress with a difference.

A sexy back

Inspired by the glamour of 1930’s Holly Wood

In particular Vicky Dougan whose shots are iconic.

Vicky Dougan in a backless gown

All eluroom dresses are created to be versatile piece you can dress up or down to wear 52 weeks of the year.

 Yes it has pockets:) 

On its own - F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S

The only question is heels or flats?

Why not pair with a little black jacket

Turn it into a top with jeans or trousers. 

Add a base layer with leggings and a roll neck.

Ways of wearing Eluroom style Imu




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