Morning Rituals & dressing for joy

woman putting lipstick on and winking
I want to talk about morning routine. 
Do you have a morning routine?
What do you absolutely need like a coffee or to start the day off right.   
Where in the routine does dressing fit? 
So for years now, I've had a morning routine I'm quite an early riser and I love, regardless of time zone, the 'peace' of the morning.  Giving myself that space in the day before I see anyone to check my head. Research tells us the mindset we set up on waking takes us through the day. 
So, probably in the scheme of things, I wouldn't say dressings number one on my list but it key to reflecting or enhancing my mindset for the day.
My morning routine which I can share with you which has evolved over the years and it is not exactly the same every day.   I kind of go with what I need. So away wake up to check my head and do a mental body scan.  From there I will meditate.  Which is different every day, sometimes it's 10 minutes sometimes it can be longer. Sometimes I use some breath work or movement, and come to stillness.   Guided meditations if I feel like it.  It's the ideal time to tune into me.    Give some clarity, focus, think about what I need. What I want to achieve in the day, what I want  from the day. 
Intention setting.   
From there, its movement, yoga, running, mixing it up.
One of my favourite ways to move it having a dance.  I have rediscovered so many songs and memories.  Current fav.....
Promised Land - Joe Smooth
I don't feel 'right' without a hot lemon drink.  Followed by coffee and breakfast.
Timing on these is all down today of the week and where  I am in the world.  

Then it's showtime.

The final touch of getting dressed and ready to go. Some people I know will have everything done the night before.  Fortunately have got my wardrobe set up to avoid this. 

Key tips 

Knowing your style

Wardrobe detox

Wardrobe essentials


a  wardrobe of clothes you love


With this in place very rarely do you get stuck.

Pick something that

Suits your mood

Lifts your mood

Or for pure escapism

So you wake up and you're feeling a bit bleugh, or the sky is grey  grab that bright/shiny/sequiny top/dress/bag and give yourself a boost.   

Go for it

Dressing should be a joy

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