It all comes back to love

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Beautiful souls

That’s is how I tend to think of all the people I love. The family, the siblings, the long-time friends, the friends since childhood,  the people I have an may never meet in real life but have a connection with.

I love what they bring to my life all for beautifully different reasons. They’re all unique, bringing the most vivid colours, and layers to my life.

When you think of your people, who comes to mind?

Whoever pops up first, let them linger.

What do you love about them?

Maybe it’s the way they show up for you. Or they way they really inspire you!

Maybe it’s the memories you have together.

Maybe it’s so many things.


Use this short meditation to bring you to a place of love



So, here’s the real question. Have you told them lately?

When I receive message from a beautiful soul out of the blue just saying hi/miss you/love you. 

Well for me it makes my day - brings me joy

Feeling I’m loved, wanted, understood, and appreciated for WHO I am and not just what I can do.


So you know what to do:

Tell them!

Tell the people you love that you love them.

It takes minutes and the feelings it invokes last hour, if not days maybe a life time.


Who knows what is around the corner, I say this with compassion: there will always be a last time you see someone.


So, go for it!


It all starts with love & love starts with you.  

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