Enjoy the journey

Enjoy the journey
So how has has the year been for you so far?  I know for me it’s see sawed along with plans evaporating and totally unexpected opportunities showing up.  Essentially I am not in flow & self doubt has crept back.  I am not sure if it’s a chicken & egg situation.
I have slipped into old patterns.

WHY WHY WHY do I place so little value on my worth??


I am very good at saying yes to everything.  Having spent years of being encouraged and actually rewarded for running myself ragged.  Discouraged and even ridiculed from listening to or going with my 'gut'.  Conveniently leaving little time for me and what I really want.  

Why have I chosen to forgo the beauty and romance of life and ignore the beauty of the journey?

If I listened to my intuition what would she be saying. 'I am here and you are invited to my world.'

Why don't I listen?  

What am I afraid of?

This is not a new story.  It took me about a year to realise how loose I am with my boundaries.   Acting out of fear and obligation.   Which then leads to exhaustion and resentment.   I guess the biggest part is the realisation of this pattern.  

How am I going to change the years of habit and programming? 

What can I do right now today?

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